Paper published in Nature Nanotechnology: Voltage control of ferrimagnetic order and voltage-assisted writing of ferrimagnetic spin textures

Promising new results published in Nature Nanotechnology from our group members Dr. Delin Zhang, Deyuan Lyu and collaborators that address a long-standing problem in spintronics: how to use voltage to switch a magnet. In this study, external-magnetic-field-free, voltage-induced, 180° magnetization switching of magnetic order was demonstrated by using solid-state hydrogen gating to control the ferrimagnetic order in GdCo thin films. This work, led by Professor Geoffrey Beach at MIT through the UMN SMART Center for which Prof. Jian-Ping Wang is the director, was performed in part in the Minnesota Nano Center using the Intivac Ion Mill Etcher, which is due to be upgraded with an endpoint detection in the near future. The paper can be found in Nature Nanotechnology.

Nature Nano