Bin Ma

Research Professor

Work & Research Experience:

Associate Professor, Fudan University (2004-2015)
Ph.D., Lanzhou University (1999)
B.S, Lanzhou University (1992)


Office: Keller Hall 1-161C
Email: [email protected]

Summary of Research:

  • Research and development on the permanent magnet, especially on α”-Fe16N2 based magnet.
  • Research on soft magnetic materials with high saturation magnetization (MS), such as Fe-N-C bulk material.
  • Design, preparation, and characterization of the surface acoustic wave assisted magnetization reversal of the magnetic tunneling junction (MTJ) based devices.
  • Design, preparation, and characterization of magnetic thin films, including the L10-FePt, Fe-Cr-Co, and Fe-Ga.
Bin Ma