Former Student Dr. Renata Saha Featured on CSE Student Spotlight

Former student Dr. Renata Saha was recently featured on CSE Student Spotlight.

Graduation of Dr. Renata Saha!

Congratulations to Dr. Renata Saha! She has successfully defended her thesis titled "Exploring Micromagnetic Neurostimulation as an Alternative to Electrode Neurostimulation". We wish her good luck with her future aspirations!

Graduation of Dr. Deyuan Lyu!

Congratulations to Dr. Deyuan Lyu! He has successfully defended his thesis titled "Novel Structures, Materials, and Switching Mechanisms of Advanced Perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junctions". We wish him best of luck with his future quests!

Graduation of Dr. Jianxin Zhu!

Congratulations to Dr. Jianxin Zhu! He has successfully defended his thesis titled "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Magnetic Thin Film and Processing". We wish him good luck with his future pursuits!

Graduation of Dr. Yihong Fan!

Congratulations to Dr. Yihong Fan! He has successfully defended his thesis titled "Unidirectional Magnetoresistive Behaviors: Materials, Characterization, and Prospects". We wish him good luck on his future endeavors!

Deyuan received travel grant to "Intermag 2023" conference in Sendai, Japan

Deyuan has been awarded a travel grant to attend the magnetics conference 'Intermag 2023' in Sendai, Japan this May.

Congratulations, Deyuan!

Researchers Create Breakthrough Spintronics Manufacturing Process That Could Revolutionize the Electronics Industry

News Release: Deyuan's Advanced Functional Materials Paper is Reported in the Media. Congratulations!

Onri is Featured in Winds of Change

Onri was recently featured in the national US magazine Winds of Change. He is a new IBM Quantum administrator for Minnesota.