PhD Sudent

• Ph.D., Electrical Engineering [Quantum Computing], University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Expected 2026)
• B.S.Md.S., Physics, Communications, & Design, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2021)
• A.S., Physics, Utah State University (2016)
• Certification, IBM Certified Associate Quantum Developer - Quantum Computation using Qiskit v0.2X, IBM (2022)
• Certification, Quantum Computing, IBM Quantum & The Coding School (2021)

Office: 6-186 Keller
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Summary of research:
• Perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction (p-MTJ) device hardware development & nanopatterning for spintronic memory, radiation-hard computer storage, & solid-state quantum processors.
• Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ)-based quantum computing devices & chips.
• Spin-Orbit Torque (SOT) device patterning (MTJs, Hall bars, Hall crosses, & microresonators).
• Magnetic brain chip development for neuron stimulation (micro & nano coil arrays).
• Modeling & simulation of many-body systems (cloud-based HPC & IBM Q).

Onri Jay Benally